Amazing and Fulfilling experiences, which are life changing. Since 2015 to date, l have never missed PRAYER JOURNEY (PJ) to Israel am faithfully counted in the team that travels every year. It's a worthy investment.

Holyland excursions Tours and Travel you are the BEST company🥇, l thank God for connecting us. My journey with the LORD has tremendously improved.I feel HIS EMBRACE.

I recommend Holyland Excursions Tours and Travel to everyone looking for a lifetime and fulfilling experience in travel

God abundantly BLESS the work of your hands and ENLARGE your territory, in yeshua's name Amen.

Lily Cecilia Atieno Oyare.

Little Rock IECD Centre.

1. The entire preparation process of the tour has an element that speaks loudly of PROFESSIONAL management.

2. Enroute Connections have their smoothness and especially because Holyland Excursions Rep is in touch with intrinsic details.

3. Hotels for connecting countries are well in advance managed and top class

4. In Israel: here one will need a whole epistle to exhaust the excitement. a). The sites are keenly selected
b). Inland hotels have a high hospitality level and standards
c). Timings are a challenge but Holyland Excursions Rep and inland tour guides have managed the threads very well indeed.

A lifetime experience with unforgettable memories

Look out for Holyland Excursions Tours and Travel for your Holiday or Trip and you will never regret!

Pastor Mwalwa


Dream of a life time. I would most definitely do it again. Everything was organised excellently. Thanks to Holyand excursions


Citam Woodley

My experience during the pilgrim journey through Egypt and Israel was life transforming...the key highlights were:

1. Literally walking in the biblical places that l had only read about in the Bible.

2. Climbed to the peak of Mt. Sinai where Moses encountered God face to face.

3. Enjoyed the refreshing and therapeutic experience of the Dead Sea which is the lowest place on earth.

4. The visits to the key places where Jesus walked and lived in Bethlehem, Jericho, Jerusalem and Nazareth enabled me to internalize and crystallize my Christian faith.

5. The baptism in the Jordan river was a powerful and inspiring experience.

6. The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee helped me to reflect back on the many miracles that Jesus performed on the very Sea I was sailing on

7. The visit to the Garden tomb and the Holy Communion concretize my salvation experience.

8. Excellent service, knowledgeable tour guides, top notch customer care and value for money are the icing on the cake!

These are just but highlights because the whole experience enables one to appreciate that the Christian faith is not a myth but a reality...

Next time you want to visit the Holy Land and other places... Holyland Excursions Tours and Travel is the company of choice

Bishop Kimiywe


I had always desired to go to Israel and in 2018, God made a way through Holyland Excursions, Tours and Travel. It was amazing to see the Bible coming alive. The sites we read about in the Bible are preserved, Bethlehem - where Jesus was born, Mt. of Olives, boat ride on Sea of Galilee, the garden of Gethsemane, Golgotha where He was crucified and to see the empty tomb and declaring He is risen! I also Prayed at the wailing  wall in Jerusalem

Visiting the Holocaust museum, brought me to a close reality to the horrors Jews encountered, felt their pain and now pray for them.

I got to see, Mt. Camel, where Elijah lead people back to God!.

We learnt a lot from the tour guides, enjoyed the different cultures, the food and relaxed in very good hotels!

The journey with Holyland Excursions, Tours and Travel, exceeded my expectations!* My highlight is that I was spiritually awakened. It was so good that in 2019, I went again and trust God for another opportunity!

Rosalind Gitonga

Finance Director Mbagi Limited

I traveled with my wife for the pilgrimage with a lot of excitement. It was a dream come true. We visited the Pyramids of Giza, then headed to the Sinai desert where saw the site of the burning bush. At night climbed to the summit of Mt. Sinai.


At the border crossing, the strict frisking and security checks by the Israeli officials didn’t dampen our spirits and excitement….we were entering “The Promised Land”.


We got an only experience at the Dead Sea, where we floated on the salty waters on the lowest place on earth.


We were immersed on the same waters of River Jordan where John baptized Jesus Christ and were issued with certificates to commemorate the event. Shopping was fun filled with a variety of souvenirs.

The pilgrimage makes the Holy Bible real as you read through it.

I encourage everyone to make visiting the holy land a goal of their life-time

Thank you Holyland Excursions Tours and Travel for such an excellent and memorable service. It is unforgettable!

God bless Israel.

Cosmas Bett

Nairobi Kenya

When I heard of a visit to the Holy Land, I wasn't too keen on the prospect of "Walking where Jesus walked" but rather simply an awesome Mother-Son opportunity in Israel, a unique country historically and religiously.

To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. The payment mode was spread out so I didn't feel strained. Travel documents were all taken care of. I was overjoyed to find out that it's a 3 in one package: Egypt, Israel and Jordan which included 3 meals a day. Never did we feel too rushed. On the contrary, the evenings and mornings in the carefully selected exquisite hotels reminded us that it was still a holiday. Sceneries were breathtaking too.

So overall, I was so happy I had the tour. I'm glad I made friends during the trip. I had an awakening spiritually to crown it all!

Kudos Holyland Excursions Team!

Stanley Ndagi

IT Consultant, Nairobi

I got to experience the greatest opportunity of my life - Travel to Egypt and Israel in November 2019. From climbing Mt. Sinai in Egypt to praying at the Western wall In Jerusalem, none of this would have been possible without Holyland Excursions Tours and travel.


Travel documents and logistics were handled and presented right on time and in a hustle-free way. During the tour, there was no delayed flight - from Nairobi back. The modern A/C Luxury tour coaches were very comfortable and the guides very knowledgeable both biblically and historically.


The planning was professionally done and executed with precision. The hotels were clean and the staff was all friendly. The cuisine was on point, healthy diet and oh my! Among the fruits, dates were my favorite.


I encourage you to make this once in a life time opportunity a reality through Holyland Excursions Tours and Travel!

Melissa Dorcas Kariuki

EcoBank Kenya Limited Nairobi, Kenya